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About CCSI

Our Company has been doing business since 1948. In 1987 we acquired a Submarine Cable Installation Company and with that, a team of marine professionals with many years experience in Submarine Cable Installation and repair, Commercial Hard Hat Diving and Marine Construction.

We have built and acquired many newer pieces of equipment and currently have a 110' X 40' X 7' Spud Barge equipped with a 5299 American 50 Ton Crane and a Twin Screw Shallow Draft 700 HP Tugboat to handle it.

We also have an assortment of pumps, winches and a variety of Submarine Cable Plows with capabilities to 16.75' burial in compatible soils. We also designed, built and patented a Rock Saw that is tried and proven for burial up to 4' in most rock.

Our Services include Contract Towing with our Tugboat "Catherine", Commercial Diving and Salvage, Dredging, Marine Construction and Demolition as well as our Cable Installation. We can provide client and experience lists upon request.

We are dedicated professionals that provide you, our valued customer, with the latest in technology and our selected capable personnel to achieve your task effectively while maintaining our consistent high standard of excellence.

Francis J. Casilli, President

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